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We Offer A Comprehensive Solution to Buying and Selling Real Estate

Buying and Selling real estate is what we represent to our clients. We negotiate hard to get results that are acceptable to our clients. Buying real estate in some aspects can be intimidating or confusing, we do our best to untangle it and present it in a way that works for you.

  • Real Estate Simplification
  • Brokerage, Straight Buying and Selling
  • Asset Management for Financial Institutions
  • BPO's

Give us a call or stop by and see how we can help you achieve your goals.

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Our Primary Service is Real Estate Brokerage

As Douglas County's oldest real estate company we have focused on the brokerage of real estate transactions since the 60's. We do offer services that complement brokerage to make the transaction as smooth as possible for all of our clients. As we all know if you've been in the business long enough there is a never ending list of scenarios that may be encountered on the road to the closing table.

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  • Individual Buyers & Sellers.

    If you only plan on buying one house in your life, we'd like to be the one's to help you find it. It's the same if you're in a position and you need to sell a home, we'd honor the opportunitiy to work with you. contact us

  • Institutional and Private Investors.

    As you know working in the high volume world of real esate can be very exciting, deals happening very quickly, maintainance issues that arise, bidding wars, and short timeframes keep us on our toes. contact us